What's new for Kony Visualizer 7.0?

Kony Visualizer 7.0

With Visualizer 7, the application development workflow starts and ends with Visualizer—from designing the UI to developing integrations to backend data services and business logic to produce the final application for production use. 

This workflow change now means that the developer will need familiarity with the new layout paradigm and the Visualizer 7 tool.

I already know previous version of Kony Studio and Visualizer – what new training do I need to take?

Our new Designing with Visualizer 7.0 covers all the new Visualizer functionality with 6 hours of video complete with exercises. Click here for more info…

I'm already certified in a previous version of Kony Studio – how do I upgrade my certification to 7.0?

With our Kony Developer Certification Upgrade Program, you can upgrade your certification by demonstrating your Visualizer 7.0 skills to create an application you submit for grade.  Click here for more info…

Kony Bootcamp 7.0

The updated Kony Bootcamp course now includes the full Visualizer 7.0 training.  Any new Kony developers will learn Visualizer 7.0 in this training.  Click here for more info…

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