Kony Developer Certification 7.0

Developer Certification is also accessible outside of the Kony Bootcamp course (certification is part of the course).  If you've built up your Kony development skills and are interested in being a Kony Certified Developer, this program is for you.


You'll need to be a proficient JavaScript programmer and you'll need to have Kony development experience equivalent to what we teach in the Bootcamp course.  These skills include:

  • Experience with layout and design principles
  • A working knowledge of the Kony API – device and widget
  • Experience configuring various types of web services
  • A solid understanding of the Kony widget palette and the widget's behavior properties

Program Details

This program consists of  building an application to specification and submitting it for grade.  Apply by contacting us at and we'll get you started.  The cost is $250 per applicant.

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