See the Kony Retail Banking app in action, including payments, deposits, transfers, and more.

Kony and ORNL Federal Credit Union deliver innovative mobile banking app experience

Kony Customers and Partners talk about working with Kony and the Kony Portfolio to 'mobilize' their enterprises

Kony’s CEO Tom Hogan speaks with CNN’s business news anchor Nina Dos Santos about the future of enterprise mobility and the new innovative mobile apps that will impact how we live, work and play.

Are you ready to build robust, natively rendered prototypes using a collaborative set of tools? Watch this video to guide you through the trial process and start using Visualizer today.

This tutorial is designed to get a user up and running quickly with their first visualizer project.  The tutorial focuses on layouts and styling your application in Kony Visualizer.

Unleash the power of Visualizer as you learn how to use action editor to bring your prototype alive with navigation and event editing.  Explore the basics of animations to create form transitions such as fade in and fade out. Learn how to animate widgets on the screen with movements, scaling, rotations and transformations.

Kony delivers fully customized mobile application with outstanding user interface in just four weeks for one of the largest pharmacy and retail chains in Latin America

Kony MobileFabric™ is the industry’s first converged mobile infrastructure that will empower enterprises to significantly reduce cost and achieve over 65% reduction in time to market.