Get all the details on the Kony Visualizer, including features, functionality, integrations, and more.

Get all the details on Kony Messaging Service, an enterprise-grade mobile messaging solution with a marketer-oriented approach to campaign management. This tech brief includes common use cases, work flows, and information about all of KMS's business-first features.

Get all the details on the Kony Cloud's architecture and security, including authentication, authorization, APIs, data retention, monitoring, capacity, configuration, and more.

Just like the classroom, online training has dedicated exercises, but the student has the ability to stop at any time and try things out that are of interest.

Learn how to effectively use Kony Visualizer (formally Kony Studio) to develop multi-channel applications for smartphones, tablets, desktop, and wearables.

Office hours are scheduled to meet student needs. A certified instructor will answer, cover, teach, review, or help with anything in the training materials.

Stay ahead of innovation by keeping your environment updated to the latest versions of Kony Products.

Kony support engineers will develop a compelling sample use case app to assist your developers with implementing Kony features into their application.