This Week in Mobile - June 9, 2017

Considering we were just named a mobile banking leader by IDC, mobile banking and digital payments have been front and center in our minds this week. In honor of that, this week’s This Week in Mobile focuses primarily on mobile banking news. Good thing there’s a lot of it, right?


Business Watch: Apple dives deeper into mobile payments – Reuters, June 6, 2017
Apple is diving deeper into the business of online and mobile payments, taking on PayPal and apps like Venmo with a new 'peer-to-peer' capability for Apple Pay.

Fiserv Survey: More Consumers Using Mobile Bill Pay, Slowly Testing Digital Wallets – PYMNTS, June 7, 2017
The latest Expectations & Experiences consumer trends survey from Fiserv, a leading global provider of financial services technology solutions, finds that consumers are paying more bills from mobile devices while slowly starting to venture into digital wallets.

Study: Consumers find payments more mobile, and personal – mobilepaymentstoday, June 8, 2017
Consumers are paying more bills from mobile devices and making more person-to-person payments while starting to venture into digital wallets, according to a new study from Fiserv.

Eight Exciting Side Effects of Mobile Payments Going Mainstream – Forbes Finance Council, June 7, 2017
Mobile payment systems offer fast, easy ways for people to use their phones or devices to handle transactions. Consumers are using mobile wallets to buy everything from a nice meal at a restaurant, to a ride across town, to a collection of books or clothes from online retailers.

What does the future hold for the traditional bank branch? By Howard Berg – Finextra, June 7, 2017
Big names in banking are permanently closing the doors on thousands of branches across the UK, leading to some commentators expressing doubts over the place of the bank branch in the digital world. Consumers are increasingly used to managing their finances via the internet or smartphone applications. But the reality is there is still a place for bank branches, so long as they continue to innovate and evolve in the wake of ever more fintech start-ups.

Getting up to speed on AI by John Ginovsky – Banking Exchange, June 8, 2017
Machine learning. Deep learning. Robotic process automation. Natural voice recognition (chatbots). These terms—just now coming into the banking vernacular—can be confusing, especially since they are all subsets of the equally dense term artificial intelligence or AI. This article is the first in a series about AI.

Mobile banking rising in popularity, research shows by Erin O’Neill – London School of Business and Finance, June 8, 2017
Mobile banking is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with more people using a smartphone to access their bank account on a regular basis, according to research from market research company Forrester.

The Rise of the Digital-Only Banking Customer by Jim Marous – The Financial Brand, June 6, 2017
Are banks and credit unions keeping up with consumer demands when it comes to digital banking offerings? With 46% of consumers using only digital channels for their banking, expectations are outpacing experiences at most organizations.

How bankers, techies and interns made mortgages mobile by Penny Crosman – American Banker, June 5, 2017
Imagine getting most of the way through the typically arduous process of extending a mortgage through nothing more than a mobile phone.

Why don’t we pay for everything with our phones now? We asked the experts by Simon Hill – Digital Trends, June 8, 2017
Our smartphones have replaced MP3 players, compact cameras, and handheld video game consoles, but they still haven’t killed off wallets or purses. Even though you can use all the latest Android smartphones or iPhones to pay for your goods and services, most of us don’t.

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