Kony Named One of Austin’s Best Places to Work for 2017

"In order to win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace."

That's a famous quote that we wholeheartedly embrace at Kony. We have put tremendous focus on making Kony "the place to be" for the best and brightest talent in the digital industry. As a part of that, to signal to the world who we are we no longer have "employees," but instead have 1,300+ "Mobilizers."

Mobilizer--someone who acts and inspires to build a digital world

We are humbled and proud (and thankful) that our Mobilizers have validated these investments by providing input that allowed us to be named one of Austin’s Best Places to Work for 2017. Of course, that called for a celebration. And cake.

photo of best places to work 2017 cake at kony hq

While cake is great—and consumed often at our HQ—it takes more than baked goods to make a company a best place to work. According to a Forbes article earlier this year, we were also one of the top 100 cloud computing companies to work for as per Glassdoor rankings and comments.  

Here’s what some of our Mobilizers are saying about Kony on Glassdoor: 

“I think Kony has the best products in the market and they are continuing to invest in innovation. Very critical in the fast changing industry. I also think the leadership is strong here at Kony. Also, like that there is very little bureaucracy in the organization, which makes it easier to get things done. Everyone wants to help each other and I love that there's very little politics.” – Anonymous Employee, August 28, 2017 



- Freedom of thought. 

- Respect for what you do and your ideas. 

- Leadership time available if the idea is great to make it happen. 

- Mid-Size company with Agility and Large-Size thinking” – Senior Director, Orlando, FL, August 29, 2017 


“The atmosphere at Kony in Austin is amazing. Contagious passion and everyone pulling together to provide the world with the absolute best Omni-channel app platform!” – Chief Technology Officer, Austin, TX, July 14, 2017 


If you’re interested in finding out why Kony is a Best Place to Work, I invite you to check out our careers page. Hope to meet you soon! 

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