Kony Marketplace: What You Need to Know

The Marketplace

As a part of our V8 release, we turbo-charged our component-based architecture by building a platform to host and share reusable software assets, called the Marketplace. We seeded it with 100+ software assets varying in function from UI components (the majority) capturing the most popular mobile UI patterns to back-end data connectors talking to various services. What makes the whole thing rock is the first-class integration Marketplace enjoys within Visualizer and Kony Fabric, enabling users to access Marketplace assets right from Visualizer or Fabric.

Any Kony account holder can not only consume, but also submit assets to the marketplace; within the Kony universe, that kinda makes it public.

Private Marketplace

While the Marketplace makes amazing sense as a way for app developers to consume and share useful assets, some enterprises may not want to contribute assets to the public domain. We understand this need and our answer is the Private Marketplace. The Private Marketplace has all of the features and capabilities of the “public” Marketplace, but is restricted to users you choose.


Let’s consider a few example cases where this will make sense.

Imagine a Bank wants to develop a few apps on the Kony Platform and as they set out to architect their apps, they notice there are several software artifacts they have to use over and over again across their apps:

  • A custom-branded Login component that talks to their specific authentication stack
  • A One-Time-Password generator
  • An encryption code module

It is clearly inefficient to build several instances of these and it is also clearly wise to adopt the component functionality of V8 for a well-encapsulated software module: however, the icing on this component cake is the Private Marketplace, to which you can seamlessly submit these components – and consume too – right from within Visualizer and Fabric. Each Private Marketplace is attached to a Kony Fabric Cloud Account, configurable in Visualizer.

Features and Roles

The first step in getting your Private Marketplace created is to file a support ticket. Once created, the Private Marketplace allows the Fabric cloud owner to assign users as Moderators (aka Content Admins) or Members. While all Members can submit and consume assets, only Moderators can approve submitted assets.

The Moderator can customize the portal with your own branding to reflect your enterprise’s personality. S/he can also customize the email that goes out every time an asset is approved.

Lastly, as an enterprise, if you have multiple Kony Fabric Cloud Accounts, you can have as many Private Marketplaces as Cloud Accounts, and can transfer assets between those Private Marketplaces. And furthermore, you can even share an asset to a Private Marketplace not owned by you. Imagine you have an enterprise-partner developing an app and you want them to use the aforementioned One-Time-Password component: the “Share” feature in the Private Marketplace allows you to share this to the partner’s private marketplace directly, which they can then consume within their Visualizer instance.


Private Marketplace is an access-controlled variant of the public Marketplace that lets you designate moderators and enable sharing of reusable software assets of various kinds: designed ground-up with enterprises in mind.

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