Kony Client IOM On The Workplace of The Future ›

A couple of months ago, Kony client IOM was invited to speak at the IDC Digital Workplace and Mobility Conference in Zurich. During their presentation, Alexander Dougan, Head of Corporate Mobile Solutions, talked about how MigApp is helping migrants and UN Migration Agency employees better communicate and access information.

Check out some of the highlights from the presentation!

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Amway India, Kony Host Joint Hackathon ›

Amway India, the country’s no.1 direct selling fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company and Kony Inc., the leading provider of digital application and low-code platform solutions jointly hosted the first-ever hackathon “Amway AppPlayground” for the students of Vasavi College of Engineering, Hyderabad. With an aim to harness the creativity of students to promote digital innovations and provide hands-on application development experience, the three-days long hackathon started July 19, 2018 and ended on July 21, 2018.

The event began with a video announcing the hackathon.

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What is your App Idea? ›

Mobile is not just another channel or device to deliver a reduced functionality of the organization’s website. It is so much more.

Enterprise mobility will yield maximum dividends when organizations create new ways of engaging with their customers, partners, and employees by providing smart apps which deliver experiences that are exciting, context-aware, and super-efficient.

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Partners Federal Credit Union Accelerates Digital Transformation: Part 2 ›

A few months ago, we shared with you the first video in the Partners Federal Credit Union Digital Transformation Series, which provided an introduction to Partners' "Digital 2X" initiative. This week, we're incredibly excited to bring you the second video of the series, in which the Partners FCU team share their insights on the collaborative process, along with lessons learned as they embrace Agile methodology for the first time.

Check it out, and be sure to keep an eye out for part three.

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Global Energy Leader ENGIE Delivers New Digital Solutions to Enhance Customer Experience, Improve Operational Performance ›

The energy industry is in the midst of a revolution that demands visionary leadership. To support its commitment to take on the major challenges of the energy transition, Kony is helping global leader ENGIE accelerate its digital transformation to meet the demands of this ever-changing landscape, and provide innovative digital applications to its customers, partners, and employees worldwide.

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Introducing Kony Base Camp! ›

We are incredibly excited to announce the official launch of Kony Base Camp today. As some of you know, it’s been in beta for the past couple of months, and now that we’ve got some of the kinks worked out we’re introducing it to the world.

So what exactly is Base Camp?

The short answer: it’s a resource hub for all things Kony.

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Kony AppPlatform Enables All Nippon Airways to Improve Service, Communications ›

When All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA) needed to develop two new mobile apps, they turned to Softbank and Kony to do so. By utilizing the Kony AppPlatform, ANA was able to embrace agile app development, leading to numerous passenger service improvements.

The two apps that were developed—iCE and iCabin—are both utilized by flight attendants to improve customer service in two very different ways; iCE tracks passenger information and iCabin reports cabin malfunction issues to maintenance.

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Why You Should Upgrade to Kony V8 ›

If you’re an existing Kony customer, Kony V8 isn’t just another upgrade with minor improvements and bug fixes. Instead, it’s a reimagining of how Visualizer and Fabric work together—and separately—allowing you to create apps faster and more seamlessly than ever before, across native and web.

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Highlights from the Apple September Keynote ›

On September 12th in its keynote, Apple announced several exciting new hardware innovations and the dates for the upcoming General Availability(GA) of iOS 11, XCode 9, and WatchOS 4. Apple also released the Gold Master(GM) versions of these releases.

Here is a quick summary of the latest announcements and how these may affect your applications:

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Digibank Takes Indonesia by Storm ›

It’s a new era of banking.

digibank features imageBanks and credit unions are no longer boxed in as financial companies – they’re becoming tech companies. Digital banking – and the ability to deliver great banking experiences seamlessly across any customer touchpoint– is among the fastest drivers of new business for financial institutions.

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BIGcast - C-Suite Edition Interview with Tom Hogan and John Janclaes ›

Kony's Chairman and CEO, Tom Hogan, recently sat down for an in-depth interview with John Janclaes, President and CEO of Partners Federal Credit Union, for the BIGcast - CSuite Edition Podcast. Tom and John covered a lot of ground on topics such as the future of banking and leadership, so we'll be breaking the transcript up into two parts. That being said, if you would rather listen to the podcast, you can do that too.


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Kony Helps Loop Develop New Medical Messaging Application ›

If you've ever waited for a loved one through a surgical procedure, or gone through a surgical procedure yourself, you know that the waiting can be, well, less than pleasant. Surgery days can be anxiety-inducing, and friends and family often feel like they're completely out of the loop as to what's going on with their loved one. Is he still in pre-op? Has she been taken back to the OR yet? How much time is left?

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Meet a Mobilizer - Bill Bodin ›

In our first Meet a Mobilizer, we introduced you to Wayne McCulloch, EVP & Chief Customer Officer. For our second installment, we had the opportunity to sit down with Kony's Chief Technical Officer Bill Bodin. Take a moment to meet Bill and learn how he not only helps our customers succeed, but also what he thinks the Next Big Thing in mobile and digital technology will be.


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Kony German App Playground: A Look Back ›

German AppPlayground participantsWe’re packed – a room full of people all ready to get started to develop their first mobile app. Excitement in the room, all open-minded people well prepared to be able to deliver an app prototype. An app to take back to their business. No wire framing today but developing an app from scratch with a real native experience.

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News from Kony: WWDC and Google I/O ›

Earlier this month we saw several key announcements at WWDC 2017 by Apple for iOS11 and other Apple advanced technologies. This follows earlier announcements by Google about the Android “O” OS release, so we wanted to share a summary of the recent key news you should be aware of, along with the approach and timing for Kony to provide compatibility and support via our Kony OS update program

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Customer Video: Localiza ›

Localiza, based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, is the largest rental car company in South America. With over four million rental car customers and nearly 1,000 fleet management clients, its network of 579 car rental branches spans the continent with operations in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Four key divisions make up Localiza: Rent-a-Car, Fleet Management, Retail Car Sales, and Franchising.

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Need More Technical Content? ›

We like to use this space to talk about ideas, whether those ideas are use-cases or what we think the future of mobile looks like. But sometimes, though, you want or need more technical content.

Good news--we've also got that covered.

tech talk 1 banner

Every month we send out a Tech Talk newsletter, in which we focus on one specific (and technical) subject, like:

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Your 2 Cents Are Valuable ›

It’s easy to spend too much time talking to yourself in the software business. Fortunately, this isn’t a sign of mental illness, but the fact is that it’s much easier to talk to people who already think the way you do about an issue—coworkers, existing customers, and partners—than it is to talk to people who will give you new perspectives on a topic.

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Rentokil Initial and Kony host a joint hackathon ›

Kony hackathonKony recently held an App Playground event--also known as a hackathon--with Rentokil Initial, a pest control and hygiene company based in the UK, during which we worked with their team to develop a functioning mobile app. Rentokil employees split up into three teams, and each created a different mobile app using Kony Visualizer®.

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Apple WWDC recap and a peek ahead ›

On 13th June, at their World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) keynote, Apple announced quite a number of exciting innovations including the announcement of iOS 10 and WatchOS 3. iOS 10 and WatchOS 3 provide developers many new APIs and features to build innovative and exciting new phone, tablet, and watch applications.

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Meet the Kony Customer Success Team: Who we are, what we do, and why we're here ›

Great technology is meaningless without the visionaries who turn bits and bytes into real business results. At Kony, we know that these innovators - our customers - are our biggest asset. That’s why we’ve created a new team dedicated 100% to their success.

The Kony Customer Success team has two primary goals:

  • Be our customers’ on-the-ground resource for getting things done
  • Guarantee our customers’ satisfaction and success

Who we are

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Case study: Transportation enterprise chooses Kony for cloud-based app development ›

In this week's case study, a large enterprise transportation services company faced many of the challenges frequently seen by organizations tackling mobility: App development was taking too long, maintaining apps cost too much, and the cost for developing for multiple channels was too high. 

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Innovator Series: A major bank goes multi-channel ›

The next report in our Kony Innovator series features the CIO for Channel Strategies at a non-US retail bank, and highlights the familiar path along a multi-channel journey. As part of its branding and corporate culture, the bank seeks to maintain its leadership as a technology trendsetter. To do this, it developed and launched its first mobile banking app for iPhones shortly after Apple began the countrywide iPhone roll out.

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Case study: Regions Bank builds B2C apps more quickly and efficiently ›

This week's case study comes from Regions Financial Corporation, a U.S. bank and financial services company based in Birmingham, Alabama. Regions faced a variety of challenges implementing its mobile strategy, including the cost of development and maintenance for multiple channels, scalability, and meeting its customers' needs for an excellent user experience.

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Case study: Healthcare company reduces app development time by almost 50% ›

This week's case study comes to us from a large enterprise healthcare company. Faced with challenges including the high cost of maintaining apps, complex back-end integrations, and supporting all of today's different digital channels, this organization chose Kony's mobile solution for healthcare. "Kony offers an easy to use IDE and great multi-channel deployment process," one team member reports, benefits which allowed this company to reduce its app development time by 25-49%. 

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Case study: Fortune 500 insurance company reduces app development time by over 50% ›

The Fortune 500 insurance company in our latest case study snapshot required fast app development and deployment and simple integration to its back-end systems in order to put out consumer-facing apps that its users would love. Kony fit the bill. This insurance company chose Kony to lower costs, increase efficiency, speed up development time, and create a better user experience, and accomplished all of the above.

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Innovator Series: Accelerating the sales pipeline at PwC ›

The latest installment of our Kony Innovator Series features Axel Fiedler, the IT advisory lead for SAP, CRM, and mobility at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). He is confronting the twin challenges of an IT leader: modernizing a mission-critical enterprise application while simultaneously mobilizing key functions for knowledge workers.

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Case study: Global 500 hospitality company builds better apps in less time ›

The global 500 hospitality company in this week's case study is not new to mobile; in mid 2013, it had four live apps and planned to deploy at least five more by the end of the year. To do so, it needed a differentiated solution, and found one with Kony. The company rated Kony's mobile platform "highly differentiated" for ease of integration to back-end systems, scalability/performance, and the ability to build once and run everywhere.

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8 great reasons to attend Kony World 2014 (plus early bird pricing!) ›

It's that time of year again: Kony World 2014 is just around the corner. This year our annual event will again be held in lovely Orlando, FL, on March 4-7, and we're excited to announce that it will be bigger and better than ever. Kony World is not just a user conference. It's a very special opportunity to join experts and executives, business leaders and IT gurus, partners, prospects, customers, and analysts to learn, strategize, and become masters of mobility.

Here are my top eight reasons why any mobility professional should join us in Orlando:

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Case study: S&P 500 computer services company meets multi-channel challenge ›

Like many businesses, the S&P 500 computer services company in this week's case study faced the challenge of developing, deploying, and managing apps across today's wide range of devices. It was important to them to both reduce the costs of multi-channel development as well as maintain a consistent, excellent user experience across every app on every device. 

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Case study: professional services firm reduces app development time by more than 75% ›

This week's case study comes from a global 500 professional services organization. By choosing Kony over IBM WorkLight, this firm was able to reduce the cost of maintaining its multiple apps, lower the resources necessary to execute on its mobile strategy, and reduce app development time by more than 75%.

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Kony Innovator Series: how SunTrust builds meaningful relationships with multi-channel banking ›

The next installment of our Innovator Series features Jeff Dennes, Vice-President for Digital Strategies at SunTrust, an Atlanta-based retail bank. Jeff faces the challenge of serving the bank’s existing clientele while also appealing to the up-and-coming generation of customers – the digital natives who expect to do business anywhere and at any time.

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Get the inside scoop from Kony customers  ›

Here at Kony, we’re always interested in hearing more about how our customers use our solutions and why Kony was the right choice for them. That’s why we’re so excited about a great new resource: our TechValidate content library. TechValidate is a very cool service that gathers input directly from our customers and publishes it to the web. You can browse charts, testimonials, statistics, and case studies, all from one dashboard.

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