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December 2017 (Visualizer V8 Service Pack 1)

Language Based Layout - Right to Left Alignment

Build your apps in any layout – left to right or right to left. Kony Visualizer has an added capability to switch the application layout alignment based on the locale. Visualizer now provides a simple configuration to target your apps layout for languages like Arabic or Hebrew.

iOS Navigation Bar Enhancements

Many new enhancements have been added to the forms Navigation Bar (Title Bar) to enable rich navigation experiences. The updated Navigation bar includes ability to add multiple right & left navigation items, custom layouts, native transitions and icons.

CI Improvements

CI (Continuous Integration) now provides the capability to automate

  • iOS binary (IPA) generation
  • Windows binary generation
Visualizer App Preview

Usability Improvements have been made to App Preview

Build Enhancements

Enhancements have been made to optimize and improve the build experience

  • Visualizer now enables applications to sign Android builds with release key to enable generation of production ready apps
  • Debug & Release modes have been unified for iOS

iOS 11 Drag & Drop feature for iPad
iOS 11 has added a new capability for iPad apps where content can be dragged & dropped within and outside an application. Kony Visualizer has updated its widgets to enable this feature for text, image and video content.

Widget Enhancements

Get access to the latest widget and UX capabilities for iOS, Android, and Web

  • Simplified Video Widget interface
  • Enhanced interface for Label Font Metrics
  • Individual Rounded Corners for widgets
  • Flex Template for Grid Calendar
Device & OS upgrades

Kony keeps you updated with the latest Operating Systems and devices. With this release we have enabled:

  • API level 26 to target Android Oreo
  • Support for iPhone X device resolutions and faceID
Windows Desktop & Desktop Web Improvements
  • Enable customized Cursor on Desktop Web
  • Support to provide custom icons on hover in Desktop Apps
  • Configure Desktop apps to be accessible for all Users
  • Ability to disable the resize and restore in a Desktop App.
Performance Improvements

Experience performance boosts in the following areas:

  • Faster Rendering of Container widgets & layouts in Android
  • Image caching in iOS
  • Up to 50% improvement in Segment load on Web

Google FCM Support

We now support Google FCM Push Notifications for Android applications. You can now configure FCM services across Kony Visualizer and Kony Engagement Services.

Component Enhancements

We have enabled more features in Components to enable further flexibility

  • Enhanced Component creation flow to enable addition of assets like images & skins
  • Ability to expose mapping for widgets in Components through Mapping Editor
  • Ability to configure snap mode for a component
Visualizer Productivity Enhancements

This release includes numerous productivity enhancements in Visualizer including:

  • Updated Visualizer Canvas to support latest devices
  • Enhanced Theme for Widgets
  • Classification of Project Types
  • Updated Fonts
APM Enhancements

Added the capability to monitor the following events on SPA and Desktop Web

  • App background and foreground
  • Touch on widgets
  • App loading time

September 2017 (Visualizer V8)

Kony Platform Components

Build your app in minutes with pre-built Kony Platform components, or create your own.

  • Import components from the new Marketplace into your Visualizer library
  • Drag and drop components and set properties to get started fast
  • Components are end to end – including UX, application logic, back-end services, storage objects, and more
Component Builder

Build your own custom components with easy to use tools.

  • Easy to use “no code” tools for managing your custom properties
  • Create your own custom events, properties, and methods
  • Lock down or open up your component widgets and code
  • Build using the Kony reference architecture
Visualizer Viewer App Enhancements

App Preview has a new name: App Viewer, and some enhancements:

  • Browse the Kony marketplace right from App Viewer
  • Launch sample apps directly in App Viewer
  • Debug your app directly from App Viewer – no build needed
Universal Binary Support

Build for Mobile and Tablet with one binary for iOS and Android

OS upgrades
  • iOS 11 Support
  • Android “O” Support
CI Improvements

Numerous improvements to support CI (Continuous Integration), including a background build process built on the Visualizer Node JS engine.

App Groups
  • Organize your Visualizer project with nested groups
  • Grouping across forms and controllers
  • Import and Export groups across projects
  • Includes Kony Fabric integration services
Security Enhancements

Numerous improvements to the protected mode security guards.

Integrated Kony Marketplace

Import Kony platform components into Visualizer, and publish your own components into the Marketplace.

  • Integrated tightly with the Visualizer library palette
  • Publish custom components into Marketplace
  • Access both a public and a private Marketplace
Component Target Container

Nest components and widgets inside of other components for ultimate flexibility

  • Create your own container components that accept child components.
  • Achieve flexibility by locking down only certain parts of your component.
Flex Property Forking

You can now tailor your layout even more for any platform

  • Set any layout property to a unique value for iOS, Android, Windows, and Web
  • Preview your layouts in realtime in the Visualizer canvas
Widget Enhancements

Get access to the latest widget and UX capabilities for iOS, Android, and Web

  • Collection View support
  • Font Scale Factor
  • Individual Corner Radius for Native. Gradient, Shadow, and Border Animation
  • Dynamic Widget Events
  • Device Battery APIs
  • Keychain APIs
  • Camera and Browser widget enhancements
  • Android App Icon shortcuts
  • APIs to read & reflect device settings
Android Wear Support

Create Android Wear layouts with the new Android Wear widgets and APIs

App Wizard

Get started quickly with sample apps from the Kony marketplace.

Automatic Updates

Ensure you are on the latest Kony Visualizer version with auto updates

  • Easier consolidated update in both Starter and Enterprise
  • Receive updates automatically
  • The plugin URL update workflow has been removed

Visualizer UX Pattern Library

We’ve built a cross channel quick start UX and icon library to get you going fast.

  • Over 100 UX assets, built on the best practices for iOS, Android, and Web
  • Drag and drop snapping – takes the guesswork out of layout
  • Includes hundreds of vector font icons
Improved Visualizer Library Palette

Includes new pre-built UX libraries and icon sets, along with a new workflow for managing marketplace components, or your own libraries.

  • Access Marketplace component documentation from the library palette
  • Download Marketplace assets and publish
  • Add Javascript modules to your libraries
  • New thumbnail views, improved screenshots, and reordering and sorting capabilities
Visualizer Performance Enhancements

Experience a 20% performance boost in Visualizer. We’ve made fundamental changes in Visualizer and in the build process.

Nitro Native Function Interface Enhancements
  • Support for C Pointers for native libraries
  • Windows 10 Support
APM Enhancements

Application Performance Monitoring enhancements

  • Background / Foreground events
  • Touch support
  • App Start and Load Time metadata
Photoshop Import Improvements

Improved performance and compatibility of the Adobe Photoshop export extension.

Multi-Project Workflow

A new collection paste board to move assets between projects.

Visualizer GIT Client

You can now commit and checkout your projects from a GIT repository directly from Visualizer.

April 2017 (Visualizer 7.3)

Visualizer on AWS Marketplace

Kony Visualizer Enterprise is also available on the AWS Marketplace. This is a standalone version of Visualizer enterprise that you can use to build applications while integrating with MobileFabric.

App Preview Enhancements

Numerous enhancements for App preview including:

  • Tethered App Preview – Preview your app while offline through a USB connection
  • App preview is now TouchID Login enabled
  • Re-designed & feature rich Tablet app
API Enhancements

More enhancements to the following APIs:

  • Audio APIs – New APIs to support audio playback and recording
  • Image APIs - save image to image gallery
  • 3D Touch API enhancements like support for custom icons
Code Editor Improvements

More customizations to the Code Editor like consolidated function lists & full screen mode to help with development productivity.

iOS Universal Links

With the support for Universal Links, configure your projects to get redirected to your Kony applications instead of opening a web page in a web browser, when users tap on any external link. Available for iOS 9 & later.

Enhanced Collections Palette

Multiple enhancements added to the collections palette including new shortcuts & improved interface with expanded view

Kony Reference Architecture

The Kony Reference Architecture enables development using the best practices & development guidelines on both Visualizer & MobileFabric. The Kony Reference Architecture is a software development framework that both simplifies cross-platform development and enables you to build more robust software. It shortens your development cycles and helps you create applications that are more modular and that contain more reusable code.

Upgraded Native Widgets

We have added new widgets based on iOS 10 & material design views for iOS & Android:

  • Navigation Bar – enhancements to support all the latest native features for the iOS Nav bar
  • Tool Bar – Toolbar support for iOS & Android
  • Action Sheets – API support for native action sheets
  • Toasts – new API for Toasts
Geo-boundary Notifications

APIs to track a set of geo boundaries and notify the user when a geo boundary is crossed. Works in the background and foreground

Masters Enhancements

Masters are now more powerful with the addition of Controllers when you create a master. The Controllers help developers maintain the scope for the masters. Plus, we added the BVR mode support for the master on the Visualizer Canvas.

Android Build Enhancements

Several enhancements to Android builds including:

  • Faster builds with incremental build
  • Updates to the build tools & Gradle
  • JDK 8 & V8 upgrade
  • Build target for Android N

App Extensions

Visualizer now supports creation of app extensions for iOS applications created in Kony Visualizer. An app extension is an extended functionality of an iOS application available to users while interacting with other apps. The app extensions are used to perform only a specific task and typically take very less amount of time to perform. Kony Visualizer supports Share, Today, Action, iMessage, Siri, Map and many more extensions.

Omni channel Widget Enhancements

Many more features included in the following widgets:

  • Maps - Clustering pins, refresh pins, dynamically modify pin images & support for callouts overlaid on the polyline
  • Browser – Encode & Decode form data, new event callbacks & support for HTTP
  • Scroll Container now supports clip bounds
  • Segment - support for content offset measured in both the page view and table view
  • Calendar – Flex template support for Grid Calendar
Support for JPEG & Animated GIFs

Based on your feedback, we now support JPEG images for the image widget, skins, backgrounds and for the image manipulation APIs. We have also added support for using animated GIFs in the application

Other Updates

Also includes a few other enhancements like:

  • Cordova support now for Windows 10
  • Chrome Debugger for Android
  • Many more feature requests…

October 2016 (Visualizer 7.2)

Web Tools & Third Party Library Support
  • Embed HTML, CSS, and Javascript within the Kony application
  • Visualizer Code Editor Enhancements for HTML, CSS, and JS
  • Realtime Preview of HTML5 content within Visualizer Canvas
Masters Enhancements
  • Define Masters as self-contained models across an application
  • Usability Improvements in Visualizer
  • Import and Export Masters
Native Function interface

The Native Function APIs allow the developers to use JavaScript APIs to have complete access to underlying native APIs for iOS and Android. Kony provides a unique capability that binds the native API to their JavaScript equivalent. This allows a user to use the more familiar JavaScript syntax with the capability of the native APIs. The Native Function APIs are available on Visualizer Enterprise.

Security Enhancements

Security is always our priority and we continue enhancing the same with every release. With this release, we have added two new APIs to introduce an additional checksum on a HTTP request and response body. This adds an additional layer of security by preventing a user from modifying the traffic on their device.

iOS10 & Android N support

Compatibility support for iOS 10 & Android N as per our industry leading SLA.

Accessibility(ADA) support for Desktop Web

Support for Widget level ARIA tags

Visualizer Functional Preview Enhancement
  • Realtime Local Preview of Native Kony Apps
  • Local caching of Preview Apps – Offline Mode
  • Access Local Preview without logging into Kony cloud account
Visualizer Productivity Enhancements
  • Import/Export themes & fonts
  • Desktop Ruler and co-ordinates to help designing with the Canvas
  • Collections Gallery view
  • Property forking for device orientation
APM support for SPA

With this release, we are supporting Application Performance Monitoring (APM) for SPA. This will enable a SPA application to capture application usage and provide reports which can then be used for comparison. APM allows applications to track events, usage patterns and standard and custom metrics for generating a comprehensive set of data and reports for analysis.

Omni-channel Widget & API enhancements:
  • Material design enhancements like Ripple color, Shadow & elevation, View clipping, navigation color and immersive mode added for Android
  • Ability to drag & re-order rows within a list (segment widget)
  • Vertical pagination for Flex scroll container in Android
  • Image transformation APIs for Windows
Security & performance enhancements:
  • Support for Application Transport Security(ATS) as per Apple guidelines
  • Performance enhancements to Windows & SPA applications

Amazon AWS SDK and Mobile Services Integration
  • Import / Embed Amazon Web Services SDK within Kony Application
  • Invoke Amazon SDK from Kony JavaScript, including Cognito, Lambda, DynamoDB, and more
Cordova Plugin Support

Kony Visualizer now provides the capability to integrate with Cordova within a Kony application. Developers can integrate their existing Cordova based applications or create an application using the Cordova APIs all within their Kony applications. Cordova APIs can be combined with Kony native APIs and widgets to allow developers access to a full set of native Omni channel capabilities.

Other APM Enhancements

We have also added other enhancements for APM like data capture on form entry and form exit and crash meta-data for the iOS and Android applications.

100% Native API support for iOS & Android

Support for 100% of the native iOS 10 and Android N APIs through the Native Function Interface. Access to the native APIs through JavaScript.

Silent Notifications

Support for silent push notifications for iOS and Android. Ability to capture & control push notifications

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