Kony Pipeline Manager:
Empower your sales teams to win opportunities

The Kony Pipeline Manager CRM solution is a set of task-based apps that extends your existing system, giving your sales team a mobile sales solution on the channel of their choice.

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Go beyond mobile CRM

Empower your sales force with the required tools that provide real-time information to optimize the sales cycle, increase productivity and drive revenue. Kony Pipeline Manager allows organizations to:

  • Increase sales rep productivity: Manage daily meetings, tasks and activities
  • Capture data: Get data anytime, anywhere - even when the sales rep is offline
  • Accelerate pipeline activity: Interact with high quality data managed through sales process to increase adoption
  • Improve team success: Get insightful data visibility to management. Get real-time updates on meetings; review deals and help drive them to closure

Daily Dashboard

Choose a solution that enables sales managers to drive performance and productivity through key reports, dashboards, and metrics:

  • Review follow-ups and prepare for the day
  • Drive data-driven decisions, resulting in greater sales velocity
  • Uncover areas to optimize sales processes and pipeline activity
  • Identify and troubleshoot deals

Opportunity Manager

Manage opportunities more efficiently with a mobile sales solution that lets you:

  • Access details across the complete sales activity cycle for each opportunity
  • Progress opportunities through the pipeline while on the go
  • Capture and exchange notes to track opportunity progression

Lead Manager

With Kony's Pipeline Manager solution, you can gain a complete view into accounts and leads:

  • Capture and update account, lead and opportunity information from anywhere
  • Mitigate erroneous data with real-time and accurate contact information
  • Respond to contacts quickly within the application
  • Enhance account profiles by logging notes and activity information
  • Drive collaboration using notes
  • Deliver actionable notifications of new leads and opportunities to your sales team

Contact Manager

Get complete and comprehensive insight into all contacts and accounts associated with each opportunity with the contact and customer management app:

  • Track every meaningful attribute associated with a contact or account
  • Respond to contacts quickly within the app
  • Leverage native device capabilities to interact with a contact or opportunity, such as geo-fencing, calling, and texting
  • Arrange and re-organize your contacts and accounts in any method you desire to effectively execute

Activity management

The sales tracking app lets you easily manage sales activities and follow-up actions:

  • Analyze activity details, history and related transactions
  • Log follow-up actions with activity partner, attendees and owners
  • Set up meetings with prospects and associate them with opportunities


Unlock information in existing systems and integrate with current processes and infrastructure:

  • Leverage pre-built services to existing ERP systems such as SAP (via SAP Connector)
  • Utilize Kony development tools to connect with any enterprise or third-party system to mobilize your data
  • Orchestrate multiple data sources to deliver a unified user experience
  • Consume legacy services and data sources to optimize multi-edge delivery
  • Access and update data in real time or offline using Kony MobileFabric®

Device optimization

Provide a sales-focused, device-optimized mobile sales solution to improve productivity:

  • Deliver your sales functionality to any channel – phones, tablets, desktops, and more - to support BYOD
  • Filter and organize sales data to drive actions
  • Ensure an intuitive user experience with app interfaces that are rigorously tested and certified for sales teams

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