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  • Truly native cross-platform user experiences

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Full stack visual development and effortless deployment

Enterprises need ways to quickly iterate to maintain business relevance and improve the customer experience. Speed with the highest levels of adoption are the holy grail for any application and this is especially true in any digital transformation. Unlike traditional IT projects, Mobile applications are never truly “finished”. Most organizations find themselves having to update their app once every six months and in the case of many B2C apps, even more frequently. At Kony we believe there are four elements to truly delivering great mobile apps:

  1. Automation and Prototyping
  2. High Fidelity User Experiences
  3. Commonization and Reusability
  4. Integration and Assembly

Automation and Prototyping

Your organization, like most of the companies that Kony partners with, requires that all user types have a stake in the ideation, prototyping, design, and development of applications. With Kony Visualizer®, the world of omni-channel application creation is opened up to a broad set of users, through Visualizer’s unique approach to development and design. With tools like the WYSIWYG canvas and design toolsets, designers can easily create nuanced application visual designs without compromise. These application designs can then be advanced into highly engaging application interactions using the low code, intuitive flow tools such as Action Editor, along with App Preview. Application prototyping does not end with the design and interaction – using Visualizer’s unique low-code integration tools such as mapping editor, the design and interaction can be hooked into data from the enterprise with only a few clicks.

Kony Visualizer allows organizations to ideate quickly throughout the ideation and prototyping process with Kony App Preview, the native application preview and collaboration toolset. With Kony App Preview, stakeholders around the world can more easily collaborate throughout the entire app software development lifecycle.