The Kony AppFactory Runtime is an extension on top of the Kony AppPlatform that incorporates more of the software and infrastructure that is typically used across the DevOps lifecycle including continuous integration, test automation, analytics and feedback. The Kony AppFactory provides the tools for agile development with AppPlatform and agile deployment with the AppFactory runtime.

Kony AppFactory Technology

Kony AppPlatform Integration

AppFactory is based on the strength of the Kony AppPlatform™ to help development teams start fast, stay fast, without compromises. The AppPlatform provides the core development environment for building mobile-first omnichannel applications. Key benefits provided by the AppPlatform include:

  • Single code base across iOS, Android and HTML/Desktop
  • Omnichannel support for mobile, tablet and desktop web
  • Visual design and prototyping
  • Full native user experience
  • Flexible, object-based data model
  • Enterprise integration, mapping and transformation
  • Reusable microservices and API management

Development Process Automation

Integration and automation across the entire software development process delivers continuous integration and continuous delivery.

  • Integration and automation between the Kony platform and common development tools like GitHub, Jenkins and AWS device farm
  • Automation of company-specific development processes
  • Prebuild and hosted end-to-end development infrastructure

Automated Testing

Testing often is a third or more of the development time and effort. Automated testing provides a huge opportunity for speed, labor and quality improvements.

  • Creation of automated test scripts
  • Automated testing of code upon check-in
  • Automated testing on a range of actual devices powered by AWS device farm

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Common practice for app development today is to complete a release and move on to the next project. Unfortunately, the ability to learn, refine and improve an app is often the difference between success and failure. Kony App Factory is designed for a continuous integration and delivery approach including:

  • GitHub integration and automation
  • Jenkins integration and automation
  • Pre-configured and integrated iOS, Android and HTML build servers
  • Automation across all the development and deployment stages
  • An iterative cycle of learning, harvesting and improvement

Asset Harvest and Reuse

Component reuse is a key driver of development efficiency. Kony AppFactory builds in both the processes and technology to effectively harvest and reuse component so development speed and effort improve with every app built.

  • Easy harvesting and reused of application components
    • Individual widgets like buttons or menus
    • Complete screens
    • Backend components like data models, APIs and data source integrations.
  • Explicit processes, formats and technology for harvesting and reuse
  • Public and private marketplace for simple and controlled access

Automated Security and Analytics

Omnichannel application security can be complicated and security expertise difficult to find. The AppFactory approach builds on the automated security provide by the Kony AppPlatform to ensure consistently secure apps.

Automated best-in-class security

  • End-to-end security with enterprise identity
  • Automated security that is not dependent on developer implementation approaches
  • Security PCI, HIPAA, and FIPS140-2 compliant
  • White box cryptography, two-way SSL, binary and tamper protection

Flexible tools for understanding the user journey

  • Automatic data capture with standard and customer reporting and dashboards
  • Application Performance Management (APM)
  • Targeted geo, event and campaign messaging

While may alternative solutions “hope” that developers will correctly apply security best practices and tools, this often results in multiple security vulnerabilities. The Kony solution automatically applies critical security tools and best practices that consistently result in secure applications.



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