The Kony AppFactory is a Methodology for successfully delivery of apps based on years of experience and our best practices. It comes with the software and infrastructure to execute that methodology. And lastly, it comes with Kony Professional Services to help tailor the methodology to the customer’s needs and get it up and running quickly and successfully.

Process | Kony AppFactory

When we set up our App Factory offering for a customer, we follow 5 main steps:

  1. Define – We define clear success criteria by looking at the customer’s strategy, the scope of the initial project, the success factors we’ll measure and how we’ll integrate with their global or enterprise architecture.
  2. Align – We compare our recommended staffing, processes and technology with the customer’s current environment and culture to ensure we are aligned for success
  3. Implement – We then tailor the app factory architecture if needed and stand up the App Factory Runtime environment. We then build out the first application using the App Factory to demonstrate how it works. In some cases, we’ll build 2 or 3 apps in parallel if possible.
  4. Operate – We then apply our go-live processes for deployment, monitoring and maintenance along with integration with our App Management and Analytics.
  5. Harvest – Lastly, we go through a knowledge transfer phase, identify the assets that can be reused in future projects, and create any additional content or documentation required.

Process Consulting and Optimization

In addition to implementing the technology components of an AppFactory, it is critical that the organization is strategically aligned around a set of best practice processes that are tailored to their business and goals. Typically, Kony Professional Services would provide consulting services to facilitate that strategic alinement and to develop a best practices process. This often includes things like:

  • Coach
    • Provide insights into mobility strategies
    • Provide agile consulting
    • Run discovery / design workshops
  • Interview
    • IT stakeholders
    • Business stakeholders
  • Analyze
    • Current infrastructure, processes, skills
    • Gap between current state and future plans
    • People, process, technology fit with corporate goals
  • Design
    • Processes (engagement, discovery, delivery, knowledge management)
    • Infrastructure (build & run environments)
    • Ramp-up / on boarding plan
  • Co-Lead the implementation and start-up phases

By leveraging our knowledge and experience from previous projects, customers can quickly drive the business objectives they are looking for.





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