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Making Financial Dreams Come True:
Partners Federal Credit Union Delivers Innovative Mobile Apps to Cast Members of The Walt Disney Company


“Many times in the credit union movement we pick somebody who is close, who is familiar, an incumbent. Kony is a market-leading group that wasn't an obvious pick for us, but through our scan they really popped as somebody who's going to differentiate.”

- John Janclaes, Partners Federal Credit Union, President and CEO



“Once we moved to Kony, we were able to call the shots and determine when it’s best for us to do maintenance updates. It’s great to have control and be able to move at the speed of business.”

- Tom Patti, Partners Federal Credit Union, Assistant VP of Technology



“It’s been the Holy Grail that lets us focus on the underlying code and not worry about all the individual implementations. Kony focuses on making sure it works on all the different platforms while we can focus on our business needs and the individual application features we want to roll out to members.”

- Jay Gittings, Partners Federal Credit Union. Manager of Development


Visualize the possibilities

Kony Visualizer is an integrated, intuitive development environment for building fully native mobile and web applications across phones, tablets, wearables and desktops – all from a single code base. Download Kony Visualizer Starter Edition – free forever!

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