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Loop App Transforms Healthcare Communication and Connects Surgical Patients and Their Loved Ones


“We were looking for a turnkey technical solution that could be deployed quickly and enable us to scale rapidly with guidance based in deep mobile expertise that we could rely on.”

- Crispin Clarke, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Loop



“With Kony AppVantage, we didn’t have to worry about the technical development of our mobile app and instead could focus on the innovative product design and implementation.”

- Shannon Griffin, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Loop



“We were looking for any opportunity to significantly improve our patient engagement and satisfaction. Having a tool that relieves anxiety for patients’ families and keeps them completely updated regarding the status of their loved ones was an easy decision to make.”

- Nicholas Colyvas, M.D., Medical Director, Golden Gate Surgery Center


Loop is a company founded in 2015 by a diverse group of medical professionals to improve healthcare communication by supporting patients and their loved ones through difficult times. The founders knew they should be focused on the vision behind the Loop app. They wanted to concentrate on understanding user needs, product-market-fit, and smooth implementation while building an empathetic and successful business. What they didn’t want at this stage was to operate an in-house mobile app development team.

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The Solution

  • Delivered a HIPAA compliant app built on the Kony AppPlatform that empowers patients and enables hospital staff to keep loved ones informed on the day of surgery
  • Significantly improves patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Eases the burden on healthcare providers
  • Kony AppVantage™ includes hosting, analytics, security, OS upgrades and support

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