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EASE Applications Improves Patient Satisfaction and Experience by Providing Secure, Real-Time Healthcare Updates to Patients’ Families


“The EASE Applications experience in my heart center has been uniformly crazy positive. It relieves families’ anxieties, improves efficiency, and gives doctors a chance to be part of a novel disruptive multi-media mode of communication.”

- William DeCampli, M.D., Ph.D., Chief of Pediatric Heart Surgery, Co-Director of the Heart Center, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children



“Kony gave us a feather in our cap from a security perspective. When we’re talking to the IT and risk teams at one of our hospital sites, we can say the EASE app is built on a platform where security is the priority”

- Patrick de la Roza, CEO, EASE Applications


The Challenge


“It started when our doctors texted nervous families during a surgical procedure,” said EASE Applications CEO Patrick de la Roza. “What we quickly saw was the impact on anxiety, and on the waiting room experience, and we realized that we had done something very powerful.”

What they initially thought would be a simple tool to develop proved to be anything but, especially given that the EASE team wanted the ability to send photos and video as a hallmark of the product.

“We quickly realized that because of HIPAA and all of the security that a hospital desires, it was going to be a lot more complicated than we expected,” de la Roza said.

When the founders turned their attention to choosing a mobile development partner, they chose Kony because of its combination of powerful development tools and a strong security legacy.

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The Solution

With over 8,000 families surveyed, EASE significantly increases patient satisfaction along the following key metrics:

  • 13% increase Physicians communicate in a way I understand
  • 6% increase Staff addressed emotional needs
  • 2% increase Nurses kept you informed
  • 4% increase Likely to recommend hospital

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