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Adopting the Kony AppPlatform Enables Agile App Development Leading to Passenger Service Improvements due to Flexible and Speedy Communications


“We wanted to expand the channels of our tablet terminals, which had only been used internally, and provide an app for cabin attendants—who work at the frontline— to communicate their views. However, we needed an agile application software platform to swiftly and flexibly develop apps. Kony was a perfect solution for us.”

- Takeshi Hayashi, Mobility, Business Transformation Lead, All Nippon Airways



“I headed the development of “iCE.” Typically, it would take ten months from planning stages to complete an app. With Kony’s agile development and SoftBank’s speedy support, we were able to achieve iCE within a mere two months.”

- Yutaka Takano, Chief Expert of Flight Operations Systems, ANA Systems Co., Ltd.



“Furthermore, since connectivity is restricted to Kony-based apps, data transmissions between servers are also encrypted. As a result, security is guaranteed without preparing separate VPN settings. I feel there is an enormous advantage from a usability point of view.”

- Yutaka Takano, Chief Expert of Flight Operations Systems, ANA Systems Co., Ltd.


ANA's challenges were twofold:

  1. Look for a platform that could swiftly develop apps in order to flexibly reflect views from the cabin.
  2. Deliver a tablet application for flight attendants with an interface for more than just electronic manuals.

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The Solution

  1. The Kony AppPlatform implementation and agile app development shortened the iteration cycle and reduced the time to Go-Live.
  2. Deployment of app communicating views from the cabin enhances work efficiency and customer service improvement. Furthermore, staff participation in app development stimulates internal communication.


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